Kicking Bass Drum, Hitting Stuff with Sticks Again and Taking Gigs!!

After SEVEN MONTHS (?!?!?!) off to have rotator cuff/shoulder repair in my right shoulder
I am back to playing again.
With 40 years of playing drums along with other extracurricular activities 
along the way; golf, frisbee, bowling, Wii, having a son ;-),
I'm honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner.

Thanks to Dr. Burton Elrod, Brady Rittman and all at Elite Sports Medicine that continue to get me back into shape.
Also, Dr. Preston Wakefield for pointing me in their direction to get me and my right arm back to swinging.      

In the time off, I've added a couple of blog topics so please, give those a look.
And, I'm working on a new video on my YouTube channel of the types of workouts
 I'm doing on the kit to get back to 100%

In the Meantime
Here's a couple of album links!!

While known for the past 15+ years to back mostly Country and Americana artists, I've been sticking my sticks back in the rock world a little.

Below is the link to the last project before the medical hiatus
A rock album for a band out of Kansas City, MO
Jett Blakk
Preview it and Download it at the link below

Jett Blakk - Rock Revolution
Preview the first single in my SoundCloud player
Over there----->>>>>
(or below if on mobile device)
Drums Recorded at Malloy Master Tracks
Album produced by Mitch Malloy
Available on iTunes NOW!!

Below: A song of Jaremy Jess' album available here:
Jeremy Jess On iTunes

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Boom 2
Subbing with chesnutt 2014
Working drummer pic copy

Click on the link above to check out the recent interview on the podcast, "Working Drummer": "Lee Kelley-Taking Chances, Pro Playing Without Formal Training & Carolina Beach Music." Run by my buddies Matthew Crouse and Mike Jackson, check out the other players included as they post new shows every couple of weeks or so. Also available on iTunes podcasts.

Recording 2015