2017-Here's What's Up...

       Hello 2017 and everyone who made time to hit the link and give this a look. After a somewhat tumultuous 2016 of healing and refocus, this year looks to be positive with new adventures and avenues all around.
      While still…Read more

Influences - Little Feat (Richie Hayward)

   For 4-5 years during my late high school and the majority of college, while on Winter or Summer break, I'd always work at the Camelot Music in Braircliffe Mall in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  Like any record store, music played…Read more

An essential piece of gear.

     Hello from the couch and in a sling. Honestly didn't think how uncomfortable and awkward it is to type when I made the proclaimation of this blog entry on social media.  The typing course taken in high school that has…Read more

For my next trick: Rotator Cuff Surgery

Hello folks,

    Been a few but the later half of the year ended up being rather hectic but also rather rewarding.  My wife continues to move up in her job, our son is doing great in kindergarten and I worked…Read more

Influences-Three Dog Night

      Hello there. A lovely rainy day here in Nashville.  The kind that just makes you want to stay inside and find stuff to work on.  This is one of those days for me and usually begun with a needle drop…Read more

Talking Your Health For Granted

The following is an article I wrote for Evans Drumheads in 2009 after going through my own health scare. 

When anyone sets out to be a musician, there is one thing that doesn’t really come to the forefront of the…

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