"A Naturally Un-natural Progression"

      I was born and raised in Concord, NC.  Just Northeast of Charlottle, it was a town of 25,000 back then.  As long as I can remember, music was around.  Whether it be the turntables or 8 tracks; where my older brothers played rock and roll of the 60s & 70s, Dad listened to older country artists or Mom’s Pontiac Bonneville, which seemed to always have the hits playing through it’s car stereo from either 61AM Big Ways, 95FM WROQ or 1100 WBT-AM…Music was always a comforting companion.

      Not coming from a particularly musical family other than them playing the radio, the drum bug came from the next door neighbor playing and then taking it from there.  I was playing with records by 8-9 years old; began school band in 7th grade with the natural progression through high school playing in marching, jazz and symphonic bands throughout.

      Since music was not viewed in my family as something you pursued as a career, I studied English Literature & Writing at Pfeiffer University until my senior year in 1990-91 when long time friend and a musical mentor, Rick Lee, called and said, "I'm forming a new band and you're the drummer."  This was the beginnings of my music career and the 2019 Carolina Beach Music Hall Of Fame band, Too Much Sylvia.

      After leaving TMS in 1994, I played with a few different bands out of Charlotte and all around the East Coast through 1996.  In September 1996, a weeklong trip to Nashville, TN put the hook in and I moved to Music City on January 11, 1997.  Fortunately, I got club and road work pretty quickly while learning constantly along the way.  The idea was to make a living while seeing the world and that plan came to fruition over the years backing artists like Gary Allan, Mark Chesnutt, Heidi Newfield, Kelly Pickler, Loverboy, Kendell Marvel and, now, Hank Williams Jr.  Also, to be able to play and share time with some of the finest musicians & people along the way has just been magic. It's a ride I can't get off of...Nor do I want to.

     Along with time on the road with Hank Jr., I offer drum/percussion tracks to any clients out of the "Boom Boom Drum Room", do club/showcase/session work around town and spend time caring for my family.  It's never boring and music is STILL a comforting companion.

    Hope to see y'all at a show sometime!!