2017-Here's What's Up...

       Hello 2017 and everyone who made time to hit the link and give this a look. After a somewhat tumultuous 2016 of healing and refocus, this year looks to be positive with new adventures and avenues all around.
      While still looking for another more permanent drum gig, the freelance work continues.  In February-March, I'll be out subbing a few dates with Canadian Hall Of Fame Rock band, "Loverboy."  Longtime pal, Matt Frenette, is taking some time off and has graciously asked me to "keep his seat warm".  They continue "Working for the Weekend" about 60 dates a year and sound as good, if not better, than when they were #1 on the radio.  They are also some of the nicest cats you'd ever meet in this industry and I'm honored that Matt would "Turn Me Loose" on a few of their gigs to sit in the middle of it and drive those classic grooves and parts he's created and known for.  Jeez....I'm gonna need more drums and cymbals.  It ain't no country gig!! ;-)
      Also in February, I'll be doing a gig with a musician in town that I've wanted to groove with for a long time. February 17th, I'll be at Puckett's Downtown with Trevor Findlay. Ironically also Canadian, I've been a fan of Trevor for a long time as we've passed each other on a regular basis in and out of gigs downtown over the years.  Going to be a blast and hopefully will lead to more collaboration on down the line.
      While rebuilding the live work, I continue to grow my home recording clientele at the "Boom Boom Drum Room".  Nice to have new goals & it was a great way to slowly get back to work as my shoulder healed last year. It's becoming more satisfying with each and every song that comes across my DAW to put something on.  It's spawned work from clients as close as across town or across the country from Los Angeles to as far away as Lybia and Qatar, with arrangements and languages just as diverse.  These experiences have helped my playing in ways I can't describe and brought back my love (and need) of playing various percussion. Playing hand drums and other percussion was a muscle I had exercised since about 1997 as there's not a whole lot of call for percussion in Nashville, especially if you are known primarily as a drum kit guy.  Thanks to John Farquharson, Derrek Wolfford and my old pals at Pearl Drums for getting me set up with congas and all the appropriate percussion to get done what needs.  Once settling on a decent video editor, I get some more stuff up on YouTube for everyone to giggle at.
     A week or two ago, it was also a pleasure to be on another drumming podcast.  My new New York buddy, Joe Gansas hosts a podcast called, "Around The Kit" and we had a good time talking drums and life.  Here's the Link--->Around The Kit with Joe Gansas. My segment with Joe start at about 1:13 in (an hour and 13 minutes in, that is) and the differences in brogue is worth a listen in itself. Looking forward to many more visits with Joe.
     One thing I am not doing (as of yet), is playing in the honky tonks of Lower Broadway.  After 19 years of playing down there; between and during time off of all the various artist gigs and road work; just not sure where I am with that when it comes to the endurance of the gigs (3 1/2-4 hours Straight) or how it's changed when it comes to the music.  When I moved here 20 years ago, was the same time as Broadway's rebirth seemed to begin.  The bands played what this town was build on and you could learn from that as you made your own way in Nashville.  Anyone who's been in this town for more than about 7-8 years can tell you how it's changed, not that it's bad or good...it's just different....which makes me want to continue pursuing other avenues than that one I was on fairly regularly for 19 yrs. I played down so long for no other reason that I love to play music...Period...and was lucky enough to play with some of the best I've ever and will continue to do so as paths cross in other ways.  Oh...I'll still be roaming around to sit in or give a pal a break.
     Another reason for not being in the honky tonks as much is, during my healing of the shoulder, I cut alcohol out of my diet.  Just figured if I'm coming back with a clean slate for the body, might as well clean that part up too.  I find myself more productive and much more focused than ever before with these new avenues getting wider a little bit at a time.
     That's all for now.

Follow Your Bliss And Don't Let Anyone Make You Afraid.


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